Global Equities March quarter highlights

  • Global stocks recovered strongly in the first quarter of 2019 (up 12%), in a sustained rally that began following Christmas Day, led by technology stocks, which were up 19% for the three months.
  • Full year 2018 company revenues rose 7% and profits were up 15%, compared to 2017 – strong numbers that support the stock market at close to all-time highs.
  • Markets have continued to rally post quarter-end, despite increasing concerns for the state of the economy, highlighted by yield curve inversion, central bank repositioning and political quagmire.

For full details of the above key events and the performance of each fund for the three months within the quarter, please download the monthly reports which are available below.

Monthly reports

January 2019 Results Report Download
February 2019 Results Report Download
March 2019 Results Report Download

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