We are dedicated to protecting and growing our clients’ wealth over time. Every decision we make is with the goal of advancing our clients’ best interests. We focus only on the most attractive investment opportunities for our clients, without bias toward any particular asset class.

Our philosophy toward investment encompasses the following:

  • Value orientation and total return focus – investing on the basis of fundamentally attractive valuations, with focus on total returns.
  • Research driven, conservative but high conviction – our investment selections are based on extensive market research, and while we consider ourselves conservative, our strong research element allows us to be high-conviction investors.
  • Entrepreneurial investors with a flexible approach – our entrepreneurial, flexible approach allows us to structure investments and build operating platforms which can access often out-of-reach markets globally.
  • Asset agnostic – we have no structural bias toward any particular asset. When our research determines an asset class is attractive, we will pursue it; conversely when that same asset class is deemed no longer attractive, we will exit the asset class.

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