Cordish Private Ventures

Cordish Private Ventures (CPV) is the private equity investment arm of the Cordish Company, a fourth generation, privately-held, global leader in real estate development, gaming and lodging, and entertainment management. Since 1998, CPV has been investing in and partnering with leading private equity funds across the spectrum of private equity asset classes. CPV is a partner with Walsh & Company on the Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund Series of private equity funds that have a particular focus on investing with and alongside smaller, highly differentiated private equity funds focussed on lower middle-market operating businesses.

Dixon Advisory USA

Dixon Advisory USA is the US manager of the US Masters Residential Property Fund, an ASX listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) focussed on New York metropolitan area residential housing. With approximately $1 billion in assets and over 1,500 free-standing and multi-dwelling housing units, the Fund is the only ASX listed REIT with a primary strategy of investing in US residential property and the New York metropolitan area.

Fort Street Real Estate Capital

Fort Street Real Estate Capital (FSREC) is a specialist Australian property investment and asset manager. Established as a joint venture between Fort Street Advisers and Walsh & Company, the FSREC Fund series targets small-to-medium-sized assets in the office, retail and industrial sectors, predominantly located in major real estate markets on Australia’s eastern seaboard.

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